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Meet Steve and Kerissa, along with their 5 kids; Savannah, Dechlin, Jessa, Emma, and Mary

We are a first-generation, made from scratch ranch. We also were growing tired of always being separated, someone always being gone. A close-knit family that worked hard and played together every day was a top priority. PLUS it was always our dream to have a homestead lifestyle raising our own foods with enough to share with our families. We fast learned that in order to have the lifestyle we wanted, we would need to make this lifestyle a business. This was important to be sustainable and to reach all of the goals we had in mind.

In 2016 we bought our first cows and quickly added to the heard a few months later in Jan of 2017. At the time we were living on State property with no land. We were searching diligently for a place to buy to accommodate what we were wanting to do. Nothing was working out, and we made the decision to uproot everything and move back to our first home in Montrose, CO and establish ourselves on what we did have, a small 12 acre parcel. As the months went by, we were studying about how we wanted to do things and becoming more and more inspired AND convinced that this is what we were meant to do. We found a herd of cows that we knew we had to buy. We made those arrangements, and in September 2017 that herd of Scottish Highland cattle was delivered. We moved back to Montrose 2 months later and have been going full steam ever since.

We became a vendor at our local Farmer's Market and began to immerse ourselves in the community. We sold our Highland beef and pastured chicken that first year and have since added pastured pork and a little bit of goat and lamb. We are now entering our third year of operation and are so excited about where things are going! We are seeing our dreams realized with our family working and playing together, learning and growing in ways we never imagined.

We Feed the Land, Your Body, Mind, and Soul. We are a place of education, community, and leadership. We connect people back to real food, nature, holistic principles and natural living. We inspire younger generations to become leaders and to be profitable farmers and ranchers. We encourage and require transparency and regenerative practices and management of resources that encompass generations. We lead the industry in the highest quality and best tasting pastured natural meats, going beyond organic. We believe that people deserve to know where their food comes from, how it was really raised, and know the people that grow it. Our desire is to re-establish a relationship with customers, and customers to nutritious intentionally raised food. 


A healthy body creates a healthy mind and a happy life.